How to Prevent Mold in Attic Spaces by Mold Removal Service San Diego

Attic Mold Removal San DiegoAn attic is most likely the only place at your house that is ignored, and it creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Raindrops from a leak in the roof, insufficient ventilation, and absence of exhaust fans or the presence of moisture in the air are some of the most common causes of excessive mold growth. However, with proper maintenance, you can prevent mold growth. You can contact San Diego Flood Restoration, one of the most experienced Mold Removal Service San Diego, CA.

During the winter months, high levels of humidity and lack of ventilation cause severe microbial growth. Installment of insulation in soffit vents reduces airflow in the attic, resulting in moisture accumulation and excessive microbial growth.  

If mold is ignored or left unexamined, it reproduces and grows up as time passes, especially in the attic space. Excessive mold growth causes structural deterioration of your home’s roof and plywood sheeting. The following tips are going to help you out in maintaining a mold-free attic:

Tips for maintaining a mold-free attic

  • Keep a regular check on roof leaks, which can produce moisture in the attic. Inspection of the insulation and wood for discoloration is essential because it can indicate water damage. Keep a check on areas where there is a joint between two roofs because this area has a higher chance of having cracks or leaks.
  • Keep the attic ventilated at all times. Inadequate ventilation causes an increase in moisture levels. Ventilation is of utmost importance in winters because when warm air rises to the ceiling and enters the attic, the moist air accumulates on the attic surfaces. That is why you must get your attic’s ventilation systems examined by a professional to keep them up and running correctly.
  • You should ensure proper insulation. Insulating the attic helps to control the temperature and the level of moisture. During the winter season, temperatures of the attic and the outside air should almost be the same. The attic’s floor’s proper insulation does not allow air transfer between the living area and the attic. You must also ensure adequate insulation of the other regions and surfaces connected with the attic.

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Mold growth is widespread in the cold months of autumn and winter. San Diego Flood Restoration is IICRC certified and provides you with professional mold remediation services at your doorstep. You’re just a phone call away from getting rid of the mold or any water damage in your house. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 578-5777. San Diego Flood Restoration is one of the most significant Mold Removal Service San Diego that provides fire and smoke damage remediation. San Diego Restoration is well known for its’ professional technicians, insured and trained in utilizing the latest equipment, technology, and operations, working under a strict code of conduct.