Moisture and Leak Detection San Diego

Water problems might result from burst pipes or rain infiltration through cracks in the roof, windows, walls, or floors.

Do You Suspect Water Leakage Or Mold And Mildew Growth?

San Diego Flood Restoration provides experienced on-site examiners to aid in using specialized gear that will test moisture levels and uncover concealed leakages around the home or business. Wetness detectors and infrared cameras can both be used to inspect your home. Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your hidden water issues.

We Provide Digital Moisture Meter

The Digital Moisture Meter is the most precise method of leak detection (DMM). Our Certified Assessors use the DMM to locate the source of leaks and dampness and map out the areas where it may have spread. We can provide a far more in-depth review of any current or concealed problems based on the information provided by the DMM. We can also use an Infrared Cam to collect infrared heat pictures and instantly provide a visual representation of surprise leakage spots for new or repeated leaks. Each piece of equipment is used in conjunction with our skilled area personnel’s understanding and knowledge and will also provide you with the most precise facts possible for your individual circumstance. Get in touch with us at San Diego Flood Restoration for your restoration needs.

Some elements of damage that infrared tools can spot are:

  • Damage to Structure.
  • Leakage moisture or water damage.

Do You Suspect The Following?

  • Moldy odors, as well as strange odors.
  • Moisture, humidity, or water damage in excess.
  • Wall surfaces with discoloration or mold development.
  • Itchy eyes, coughing or sneezing for no apparent reason.

Why Test For Wetness & Detect Leaks?

  • To see whether there is a hidden moisture issue.
  • Detecting the presence of harmful mold and mildew.
  • Finally, the pollution and water damage extent.
  • To protect your health and the health of others around you.

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