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Flood Remediation Companies San Diego

Millions of our American homes are affected severely by floods every year. Flooding is a homeowner’s worst nightmare, without a doubt, regardless of the cause, whether it’s a natural disaster, unforeseen incident, or low maintenance. Here are a few essential tips to follow to save your home after any flood. Make sure you call San Diego Flood Restoration, one of the most professional Flood Remediation Companies San Diego, for remediation services.

  • Ensure you call your insurance agent immediately when a flood occurs and not throw out any damaged property unless the agent has inspected it himself. That will remove any sorts of doubts regarding the cause of the damage.
  • Make sure you document everything that is damaged or lost by taking pictures and writing a list.
  • It will help if you avoid direct contact with floodwater because it is almost always contaminated. Stop using the sinks or toilets in case the sewage line is clogged or broken and immediately call your insurance company
  • Check for damage inside and outside the house and beware of dangers like cut power lines as standing unclean water can give you a severe electrical shock.
  • You must immediately cut off any utility if you suspect damage and make sure it’s safe to do so. Here’s how to safely cut off utilities:

Water – You have to locate the master valve at your house to cut off the water supply to your entire home. It is located in the basement, garage, near the water heater (if you don’t have a basement), or sometimes it is even located outside your house.

Electricity – You have to find the main circuit box and cut off the home’s electrical supply. This box is mounted on a wall in the basement. Make sure it is safe to go into the basement first, and you must bring a flashlight. Shut off the main switch in the panel to cut off the electric supply to your house.

Gas – Again, you must first locate the main shutoff valve in case of a gas emergency. It is usually mounted on the riser pipe from the ground to your meter. If you have the latest meters installed, the valve could be on the service line going into your house from the meter. You can use your hands to turn off the valve or an adjustable wrench to shut the valve.

  • After you’re done turning off all the utilities, call your local emergency departments and wait for them to arrive.
  • To save your flood-damaged home and all the contents inside, you must drain standing water, and the house must be dried off promptly.
  • Restoration of the house and the house contents strictly depend upon the type of flood that occurred and the flood duration.
  • Recoverable contents should be disinfected and dried up immediately to prevent mold growth. You must keep in mind that mold can grow within the first 24 or even 48 hours after a flood.
  • Restoration after a flood is not an easy process, and it always requires trained professionals educated in repair, equipment, and proper knowledge and experience.

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