How Homeowners Insurance Covers Mold with Household Mold Remediation San Diego

Household Mold Remediation San DiegoPeople usually have lots of misconceptions about their home insurance. Home insurance does not cover everything. It usually just covers up your house structure. You will know about some of the contents or damages to your home that are not covered by insurance companies that you are usually unaware of and face severe costs when you come across such damages to your house. Mold grows with time; it’s not always a noticeable issue. You’ll know that you have a hidden mold problem when there’s a moist, moldy odor, a rise of symptoms in asthma and allergy victims, or a recent case of water damage in your property. If you see a mold, immediately contact our San Diego Flood Restoration company for Household Mold Remediation San Diego.

  1. Earth movement is related to earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslides, and your insurance company is unlikely to cover such damages. However, you can still make out a separate policy for such occurrences with your insurance company and mention them in detail. It is better to choose to live in a less likely region to get hit by such disasters.
  2. Flooding, which is usually caused by natural disasters, is usually not covered by the insurance company. Once again, you can have a special flood insurance policy agreement with your insurance company.
  3. Sewage backups are also usually not covered by insurance companies. These sewage backups are caused by mainline clogs, tree roots, or heavy rainfall.
  4. Mold – Mold damage depends on the cause of it. If the mold damage has occurred because of ignorance of maintenance moisture, then it is evident that you are to blame, and the insurance company will not cover up for such damage. Molds that occur because of natural disasters are also not covered by insurance companies. If Mold occurs by unavoidable accidents like fires or water leakage issues at your house, they are covered by the insurance companies.
  5. Construction work damage – If you renovate your house and damage something in the process, your insurance company may not cover up for it. You can still have special insurance for that separately. Make sure you hire a certified contractor for any job at your house.
  6. Termite infestation is a preeminent issue in the US. The National Pest Management Association has estimated a $5 Billion worth of damage by termite infestation per year. You must hire a certified and licensed pest control company for your home inspection now and then.
  7. Expensive jewelry and art – Your home insurance company will not cover up for the expensive jewelry or art in case of a burglary or a natural disaster.

If you have recently experienced the growth of Mold in your home, do not wait for a minute and call a professional right away. San Diego Flood Restoration has been working with remediation of Mold for years now, and we have highly trained professionals available to help you. We provide one of the best Household Mold Remediation San Diego and take pride in our work. Call us now at (888) 578-5777 to get started with the remediation process so you can get back to living in a healthy environment.