Unexpected Areas Mold Can Hide in Your Home and Mold Abatement San Diego

Mold Abatement San DiegoThere are places in your house you wouldn’t ever expect or imagine for Mold to grow or live in, but the truth is that Mold can grow anywhere, especially in moist and dark environments. The most common places for Mold to thrive or live in are your bathrooms and basements; it can also stay hidden in many unexpected areas and keep growing and damaging your floors, ceilings, or walls without you even knowing. It is essential to deal with Mold at a very early stage because Mold creates health issues for you and your children and damages your house severely. Make sure you examine the places that Mold can be growing in and call a professional company to help Mold Abatement San Diego!

Mold’s Favorite Hiding Spots in Your Home:

Refrigerator Drip Pans

Moisture, dirt, and Bacteria are drained off into a drip-pan under your fridge, which is the perfect place for Mold to keep on growing and living in. Make sure you spray a mixture of a single teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide in a cup of water all over the drip pan and use a rag soaked in vinegar to wipe clean the pan to prevent the growth of Mold.

Washing Machines Gaskets

There is a high chance of mold growth in the door gasket of a front-loading washing machine. It is the perfect habitat for Mold to live and grow in continuously because of the moisture and lint. Wipe the water off from the washing machine’s gasket frequently for mold growth prevention. You can also leave the door open for some time after using the washing machine to let the moisture evaporate or dry off.

Air Conditioning Units

An air conditioner unit also collects pollen, dust, and moisture from the airflow, which creates a habitat for Mold to grow in. The drain pans, coils, and ducts are the familiar places where Mold can grow as they collect most of these moist particles. You must contact a professional restoration company like San Diego Flood Restoration to get rid of the Mold in your Air Conditioning unit. A well-known restoration company will use specialized equipment and techniques to detect and remove Mold from the air conditioning units.

Window Sashes and Seals

Condensation usually forms on your windows, due to which dirt gathers and sticks onto the window corners. If you don’t keep the windows clean and dry, Mold might grow. As a result, so make sure you keep your windows clean at all times. Scrubb the Mold off with a toothbrush, and a mixture of half vinegar, half water will help you get rid of the Mold. As a precaution to avoid mold growth in windows, you must properly seal the windows’ sashes.


Keeping your dishes stacked all dirty and wet for a long while is also a perfect habitat for Mold growth. You must wipe out the Mold from the plates by washing them and avoiding stacking up used up containers. It would be best if you dried up all the dishes thoroughly with a towel after washing them before stacking them up. The cabinets also must be kept dry before storing the containers.

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