How to Remove Mold Stains from Clothes and Fabric with Mold Remediation San Diego

Mold Damage Remediation Services San DiegoWet clothes or fabrics are open to molds and mildew if not dried out on time. That is why you need to get the clothes dried on time to avoid mold growth. In this blog, we have talked about the tips and tricks to eradicate mold from your clothes. San Diego Flood Restoration will help you with the Mold Remediation San Diego.

How to remove mold from clothes

Read the label

It would help if you always read the label on the clothing items to dry them out to help avert mold growth.

Scrub off the mold stain

Put on a mold stain remover, like a household soap, white vinegar, or bleach, and use a toothbrush to brush off the mold area. Be tender and try not to harm the fabric in the process.

Pre-soak the fabric

Since mold stains are challenging to eliminate, you should also pre-soak your blemished clothing before washing it. Soak it for one hour in a commercial pre-soak product or a water container with one beaker of white vinegar.

Wash your clothes in hot water

Moreover, being operative at eliminating bacteria and allergens, hot water also destroys mold spores better. Of course, don’t exceed the maximum suggested water temperature. Rinse your clothing. If you have supplies that you cannot wash, then take them to the dry cleaner.

Use a mold killing solution in the washer:

Vinegar – Add in a cup or two per the cycle with the regular cleanser to eradicate any moldy odors and enhance your white fabrics.

Borax – You can also use borax in a steady washing cycle, but only with organic cloths like yarn and linen. Liquefy partial of a borax cup in hot water and add it into the machine after it has filled with water.

Bleach – This ingredient can eradicate mold in fabrics, but it can diminish colors. Thus make sure to spot-test formerly and read the label. Some labels say “no chlorine bleach.” After you know you won’t damage your clothes, wash them with regular detergent and one cup of bleach.

After washing your clothes, hang-dry them in the sun

Sunlight has a natural lightening outcome and also aids to eradicate mold spores in the cloth. Evade using the clothes dryer as heat from this machine can make spots noticeable and stimulating to remove.

If mold stains persist

If you have followed the overhead tips and the mold stains still persevere, reprise the entire procedure. Otherwise, color your clothing a darker color – this may conceal the stain for good.

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