Top 5 Myths about Mold Debunk by Mold Remediation Companies San Diego

Mold Remediation Company San DiegoAlmost every homeowner faces a widespread Mold growth problem in dark and moist areas of their homes. Mold develops within 24 to 48 hours if the moisture or wetness persists. There is a lot known about different types of Molds that occur in your household, but there are still many fallacies among people despite having such information. Once you understand Mold’s common misconceptions, you will know what sort of effects it has on your home and, more importantly, your health. We have worked out a list of a few common misconceptions, and you will be clear enough about them once you give it a read. Please, benefit from the following information by the teams of a well-known Mold Remediation Companies San Diego, CA.

5 Mold Myths debunked

Mold Myth 1: Mold has no benefits

Truth: Mold has a very severe effect on your health if it is present in the environment that you live in for a long while, but we cannot ignore understanding that the occurrence of Mold is a very natural process. It helps a lot in the decomposition process of organic materials. Aspergillus Flavus is a specific type of Mold that is used in the production of cheese. Some types of Molds are used in the production of antibiotics and other medicines. So yes, of course, Molds exist for a reason and have their benefits and a part to play in the ecosystem.

Mold Myth 2: Repeated mold exposure won’t make me sick

Truth: Human beings have different immune systems levels, so everyone is not affected by Molds. For example, a person with a healthy immune system may not get sick if he is  exposed to Mold, but a weaker immune system may get too ill even if he’s exposed to Molds just once. You’re never sure that your immune system will always stay the same, so please be cautious about your health and live and work in a clean environment because you cannot always rely on your immunity. Some of the most common sicknesses that Mold can cause you are headaches, chest congestion, coughing, asthma, and many other similar diseases.

Mold Myth 3: There should be no mold in my home

Truth: It is impossible to completely eradicate Mold from an environment because Mold spores are present everywhere in the atmosphere. But you can always restrict Mold from growing or increasing around you and your environment by cleaning up regularly and keeping your bathrooms and basements dried up and well ventilated. Because if you have an intensive Mold growth in the climate you live in, you’re living at a high risk of being infected by some disease that Mold can cause you.

Mold Myth 4: Mold is always visible

Truth: It is not true because Mold spore is a microorganism, and you can only see it with a microscope. However, when Mold starts increasing because of a moist environment and starts feeding off on organic matter, it grows and spreads in such a large number that you can see a layer of it with the naked eye and feel it by the physical touch. You should avoid touching Mold and wash your hands if you touch Mold by mistake.

Mold Myth 5: Using bleach is an excellent way to Kill Mold

Truth: People usually use bleach to remove Mold, but they do not know that bleach does not remove Mold spores. It only kills the Mold but does not entirely remove Mold spores.

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