How to Remove Mold & Mildew Odors from Carpeting with Mold Remediation San Diego

Mold Remediation San Diego

Must you have heard about black molds? The black holes on walls, rooms, or roofs. They may not seem like a significant matter, but it causes a lot of damage without you knowing. It releases toxic gases, which can cause respiratory problems. It even damages your carpets and spoils the subfloors, leading to serious health issues for those who breathe in the presence of the molds. You have to be super careful as the molds tend to hide in patches in the carpets and are visible only when they grow large. So, you should immediately call San Diego Flood Restoration for Mold Remediation San Diego.

Removing Mold and Mildew Odors

Prevention is always better than cure, and so you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year, and if you have kids and pets at home, then get them cleaned every three months. Apart from mold growth, there are other carpets’ concerns, like cleaning them and getting the dust and filth removed to stay longer. Molds tend to grow from liquids and any liquid that seeps into the carpets, and if it isn’t dried on time, it will lead to mold growth. It is essential to dry the floor and carpet as quickly as possible.

For minor spills, blemish at the wet spot (don’t rub, particularly with colored liquids) to absorb a considerable amount of dampness as much as possible, then use a steam cleaner and carpet cleaning solution to take care of the rest. For more significant spills or water damage, you will need the help of blowers and dehumidifiers to dry the area quickly so that molds don’t grow, particularly in the humid weather of San Diego.

Clean the Carpet

There are always accidents occurring that make room for mold growth. A toddler drops a cup, and you didn’t take notice, or a pad placed under the carpet didn’t dry quickly enough after you cleaned it. Whatever the scenario, if you find out that mold growth has begun, you need to take action immediately. The earlier and sooner you find the mold growth, the lesser the damage will be.

There are some procedures you can use to clean the mold on your own. Though those means don’t get deep in the carpet fibers and mold that may be beneath,  and if you don’t get all the mold bacteria, there will be no point as they will grow back. Professional carpet cleaning services are a healthier choice for the elimination of molds from your carpets. Our specific tools and cleaning solutions are intended to work deeply into your carpet fibers, breakdown the mold and other remains, and disinfect the area so mold won’t return.

Seek Help from a Professional

If you ever come across these signs, please have us come for an inspection. Mold Remediation San Diego at San Diego Flood Restoration is available to help you out with this. Please call us immediately at (888) 578-5777 to get the problem resolved.