Drying Water Damaged Walls Can Save Your Home In San Diego

Drying Water Damaged Walls Can Save Your Home San Diego


It is critical to dry water-damaged walls. This simple drying procedure can save you time and money while preventing mold growth and increasing your safety during the restoration process. While there are no “hard and fast” rules for how long to let walls dry after a flood, San Diego Restoration experts recommend waiting 1-3 weeks for the best results before starting restoration work.

There will be times during the restoration process when you absolutely must wait until the right moisture levels within your walls have been achieved. Completing them if they overlap with the waiting period is crucial because this could result in additional mold issues or delayed drying.

Because of the increased risk of mold formation resulting from water damage, quick-drying is critical. However, you can prevent this growth in addition to drying by minimizing air exposure to your walls and closing off those wall surfaces before any drying has commenced.

Allow 1-3 weeks (depending on the size of your property) after a water damage occurrence for proper moisture levels to be reached in the walls before starting repairs or doing anything that could cause extra moisture to enter your home, according to San Diego Flood Restoration. If you find mold during this window, please contact us at (888) 578-5777 for assistance.

Allow 1-3 weeks (depending on the size of your property) for proper moisture levels to be attained in the walls following a water damage occurrence before beginning repairs.

Prevent Mold & Bacteria Growth

It is okay to start working on repairs once the moisture levels in your walls are below 35 percent (anything more could be dangerous to you and cause mold growth). At this moment, you should contact San Diego Flood Restoration, San Diego’s leading water damage restoration business.

We will give you a free estimate depending on your needs and only undertake the services necessary to return your home to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Extensive Damage To Your Home’s Structure

Every repair project reaches a point where you must begin replacing structural elements. Water damage can affect more than just your walls and carpeting; in extreme cases, floorboards or even wooden support beams must be replaced to prevent future damage to your property.

This is why you should choose an expert who has dealt with similar problems before. San Diego Flood Restoration will conduct the following after we’ve dried out your water-damaged wall and repaired any structural damage to your home’s supporting frame.

Restore Your Flooring & Carpets

Small assignments are no problem because we’ve worked with hundreds of insurance firms for over ten years. We’re also open to working on any type of business property, big or small!


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