How Does Dehumidification Work In San Diego?

How Does Dehumidification Work In San Diego?

The term “dehumidification” is frequently used for air conditioning and refrigeration. It’s a method of removing or lowering the humidity in a certain location, such as your home, business, or warehouse.

Consider an ice cube melting on a hot summer day: water vapor evaporates into the environment, leaving behind colder liquid water droplets; this process can be recreated with heating coils that absorb heat energy from within your home or structure while removing moisture with “cold” coils outside. This article will explain how it works!

Our Dehumidification Process

Eliminating humidity or water vapor from the air is known as dehumidification. We will have a more pleasant breathing environment when this process is completed.

Our dehumidification system works by catching water vapor from the air outside and cooling it down with cold liquid refrigerant injected into coils within your home or building (the “outside” coil). This will turn the hot, humid air leaving your home into a liquid, condensing and dropping back onto the “outside” coil.

We may also install dehumidification devices outside your home or structure to further reduce humidity levels. With the help of an electric fan, these machines suck hot, humid air from outside and blast it over chilly coils inside. As a result of the temperature difference between the cool coils and the hot air going in, condensation forms on the “outside” coil.

The dehumidification process you select will determine where you live (dry or humid environment), how much humidity is present indoors, and your cooling preferences.

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