How To Clean Up Water Damage After A Pipe Bursts In San Diego

How To Clean Up Water Damage After A Pipe Bursts In San Diego

The first step after a pipe bursts is to turn off the water supply. Turn off all of the various faucets and valves in your home if you can’t reach the main valve or it has already frozen over.

What Causes Pipes To Burst?

The next stage in repairing any water damage caused by burst pipes is to assess the extent of the damage. Remove any food, condiments, or cooking oil that may have gone bad from your refrigerator and trash from your garbage disposal. Turn on ceiling fans and open windows if you get a chance to circulate air through impacted regions. Taking these procedures will help reduce humidity levels in most circumstances, preventing mold growth.

You might not need to call a plumber if the water damage is minor. Find a mastic sealant compatible with your pipes and mop up any standing water using towels or rags. Some sinks come with emergency fittings, and using the appropriate adhesive will spare you from having to disassemble your sink and replace the complete plumbing assembly.

Tightening the bolts on fixtures like showerheads and faucets can also halt water leaks in other parts of your plumbing. If there are no issues, this should only take around 20 minutes for each repair work — but bear in mind that frigid temperatures make this extremely difficult, if not impossible!

What’s the Benefit Of Having Pros Help You With A Burst Pipe?

When you opt to have a burst pipe repaired, you will receive rapid and cost-effective service. You’ll want someone to come in as soon as possible if your pipes are beyond repair and need to be replaced. An expert can advise on how long it will take for drywall and carpeting to dry and help prevent mold from growing if the air is too humid.

Mold will begin to grow at an alarming rate once the water damage has been cleaned up. It will be more difficult to eradicate the longer it continues unchecked! As soon as you see a burst pipe, you should contact a skilled plumber.


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