The Benefits Of A Thermal Inspection Following Water Damage In San Diego 

The Benefits Of A Thermal Inspection Following Water Damage In San Diego 

You may have encountered water damage to your home or property if you are a homeowner or even an apartment complex management. If it happens again and the restoration firm cannot return everything to its former state, we recommend contacting us for assistance.

Following water damage, we provide thermal assessments, and our experts can determine whether mold has grown in the damaged parts of your building.

6 Ways Thermal Inspections Save You Money And Provide Peace Of Mind

Less Obtrusive: Leak detection used to entail ripping out walls, ceilings, and floors to locate the source of water or moisture. Thermal imaging is a non-destructive assessment approach that detects leaks without causing damage to your home.

Save Money: Thermal inspection saves you money on restoration expenditures, but it also saves you money on mold remediation. The sooner we identify and address any possible mold development issues, the less likely they are to spread throughout your building, perhaps resulting in costly reconstruction jobs down the road.

Peace Of Mind: We provide peace of mind by doing these checks after water damage and identifying any locations where there may be an increased risk of future leaks or insulation difficulties before anything catastrophic occurs.

Greater Accuracy: While other leak detection methods may require some guesswork, thermal imaging is a more precise method of identifying leaks since it may detect them before they cause mold development or property damage.

Improved Safety: Thermal assessment after water damage improves safety by identifying potential threats for individuals and the environment, such as asbestos in building insulation or gas piping that flooding waters have corrupted. We’ll point out any potentially dangerous spots, so you know exactly what has to be fixed right away.

More Insurance Documentation: It can be tough to present your insurance provider with adequate evidence to complete your claim after a disaster such as a storm or a catastrophic occurrence such as a flood. Thermal imaging is a quick and easy inspection method that can help you prove the extent of water damage and identify any potential future risks, ensuring that they cover all of their bases.


As experts in thermal inspections after water damage, San Diego Restoration provides various services, including leak identification, infrared scanning/radar mapping, energy efficiency analysis, and corrective measures designed for fire restoration projects.

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