Unexpected Areas Mold Can Hide in Your Home and San Diego Mold Inspection

San Diego Mold Inspection ServiceMold can easily hide at any place and proliferates if not removed on time. It can survive in crawlspaces and attics where there is less light and air. Crawlspace area is the least visited, so it’s liable to be humid and optimum for mold to grow. These areas should be checked continuously for mold not to grow and build, also make sure no condensation occurs on the walls. Call us today for San Diego Mold Inspection and restoration services.  

Mold’s Favorite Hiding Spots In Your Home

Dust and lint

Dust and hair can hold, produce, and transmit mold spores as well. Most people don’t know this, but it is a fact. The one that builds upon the carpets is highly vulnerable to becoming damp and wet, and that’s ideal for mold spores. Regular vacuuming, cleaning, and dusting may help regulate the dampness and prevent mold growth.

HVAC systems of a house

The HVAC systems of a house tend to be overlooked too and have high chances of mold growth. Mold spores can grow in air ducts, conditioning units, air, cooling, and heating vents, fireplaces, near wood stoves, space heaters, or wherever there are humidifiers, dehumidifiers often used in the house. It is better to keep an often check on these areas to avoid mold growth because if it grows in any of these, it quickly spreads from one thing to the other. 


Another place to look for molds is behind the furniture, especially if it’s with a window. The water from condensation falls down the wall and trip behind the table, making it damp in such areas. So, the best thing to do is to avoid keeping furniture close to a window and a wall. Make sure to keep moving the furniture around and check underneath the table, check for water, and if any dampness is there on the walls as that gives rise to the mold spore growth. 

That is just a concise list to check for molds in hidden places and places you didn’t know about where the spores could grow. If you see any signs of spore growth in these areas, immediately call us to get an inspection and remediation. Keeping track of mold spores will help you like in a healthy environment.

Call San Diego Flood Restoration for Mold Remediation Services

It is vital to call specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of mold testing and remediation. Find San Diego Mold Inspection services at our San Diego Flood Restoration company. Our experts will examine your house for any hidden molds. Call us immediately on our emergency line service, (888) 578-5777, if you have a mold problem. We are available 24/7 for any such problem.