Crucial Things to Do if You Have Mold in Your AC Ducts by San Diego Mold Remediation CompanyMold Remediation Company

Usually, you can see Mold with the naked eye, but sometimes they grow in places that you don’t check out regularly and are hidden away from your sight like AC ducts, etc. You can still feel the presence of Mold around you even when you can’t see it. You can smell the musty scent and feel some of its health-related issues that Mold causes like coughing, runny nose, etc. You must take prompt actions if you doubt the presence of Mold in your AC ducts. The most famous San Diego Mold Remediation Company named San Diego Flood Restoration has laid out a few guidelines for you to go through to understand what you have to do in such a situation.

Stop the HVAC unit: When you doubt Mold growth within your AC ducts, stop running the AC at once and turn off the HVAC system. When you do this, you will eliminate the Mold from spreading to other parts of your house.

Get a mold test: People usually confuse Mold for everyday dirt or dust, and you might waste your money and time by trying to remove it without testing it. To invest in the proper removal procedure, you need to perform a Mold test as soon as possible to know which process you have to invest in.

Examine the air duct type: You must know the kind of material your ductwork is made of. The cost of the cleaning process depends on the type of material that needs cleaning.

Hire a mold removal company: You must hire professionals from an experienced Mold removal Removing Company. They are going to help you in saving your time and money with the cleaning process.

Prevent Mold in AC vents: When the Mold is cleaned by following the right process, you must analyze where the Mold came from in the first place and act accordingly. It would help if you found out what caused the Mold to get into the AC ducts and what caused it to grow there and take necessary precautions, therefore, according to the following guidelines:

  • It would help if you used a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in your home.
  • You must treat and deal with any water leaks in your house and make sure there is no standing water in the bathrooms or the kitchen of your home or anywhere else inside the property.
  • Ensure that drain pans of an AC or refrigerator are kept dry at all times. The water is not stuck inside it for a long while.

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