Benefits of Advanced Drying Techniques with San Diego Mold Testing

San Diego Mold Testing ServicesMold has a very unpleasant smell, more like a pungent smell which is hard to describe. Some people know the musty smell of mold, and some don’t. Mold tends to grow in damp, wet areas and keeps on replicating. They quickly spread, whether on clothes, shows, air, walls, floors, ceilings as they are so light. That is why San Diego Mold Testing services are needed to breathe freshly and live healthily.

The restoration process is different from the actual water damage. The fungal spores multiply rapidly and spread fast. The quickest way to deal with it is to control the water levels if moisture and carbon-related stuff like cellulose, wood, or paper serve as an optimum environment for mold growth.

Some of the latest drying technologies include:

  • LGR DehumidifiersLow Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier is a tool that technicians use to decrease the relative humidity to as low as 10%. Not long ago, dehumidifiers were only able to reduce the moisture to 40%.
  • Desiccants — Desiccants dehumidify and eliminate moisture. Professionals use it in intensely cold and humid conditions. The basic functionality of a Desiccant is that it blows hot and scorching air into a moist environment, thus reducing humidity.
  • Intra-wall Drying — This technique dries the inside of a wall without even removing the drywall. This technique removes the baseboards and drills small holes in the wall near the base. Warm and dry air blows into the cavities towards the other side of the wall, which drastically reduces the total time it takes to dry a wall. In many situations, Intra-wall Drying is the only effective technique to restore the walls.

Other benefits of using advanced drying tools

  • Lower expenses — Wet carpets, pads, and drywalls restored entirely, saving you a lot compared to replacement. Modern technologies save you a lot when the cost is compared with the older and outdated methods.
  • Preventing mold — Molds and other Fungi and Bacteria takes around 24 to 48 hours to increase. The modern drying techniques help us in the prevention of mold growth and other microbes.
  • Other benefits of instant drying include the prevention of some irreversible effects like swelling in porous materials like paper and wood, shrinking of fabrics like drapes, rusting of metals, and destruction of electronic equipment humidity.

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