Tips for San Diego Mold Removal from Washing Machines

San Diego Washing Machine Mold Removal

The rubber gasket of a front-loading washing machine often catches Mold, a usual habitat for Mold in almost every household. That will happen with your washing machine at your own house if you neglect cleaning the washing machine or to dry it off properly as Mold grows up in a moist environment. It is a concern to wash and dry your washing machine regularly and not worry because this article will help you out and give you some tips on removing Mold that appears on your washing machine. For San Diego Mold Removal, contact San Diego.

A washing machine cleans your laundry, not itself, and it requires proper maintenance (cleaning and drying the machine) after its every use. Mold occurs on the washing machine because it is moist, and it wants to feed on the residue of the detergent that is being used in it. Here are a few tips to help guide you on how you can remove that Mold appears on your washing machine. 

How to Remove Mold from Washing Machines

  • Mold removal solutions and cleaners are commercially available. You can use the ones available commercially, or you can make your Mold removal solution at home; here’s how:
  • Mix and stir ½ cup hydrogen peroxide in 2 cups of water and add ¼ cup lemon juice to the solution and stir again — and you just created a beneficial and your very own Mold removal solution.
  • You can use ½ cup distilled white vinegar instead of the hydrogen peroxide in the above solution — the resultant solution is also a powerful Mold cleaner. It will help you fight off and clean up your washing machine.
  • Wear rubber gloves and a face mask for your protection. Pour the solution that you commercially acquired or created yourself into a spray bottle and spray the solution all over the Mold
  • Run the washing machine on the hottest setting and make sure you add the Mold removal solution to it. That will clean up the drum and hoses of your washing machine. If a musty smell remains within the washing machine, call the manufacturer of your washing machine, or hire a professional to fix the Mold problem with your washing machine.

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