Black Mold Removal In San Diego

Black Mold Removal In San DiegoBlack molds are common in our homes and affect the property’s value and negatively impact our health. Black mold is a “toxic” mold. Black mold can sometimes go unnoticed in your property for an exceptionally long time. It grows its colonies unseen for a long time until it becomes a big problem. San Diego Flood Restoration is available to help you with mold removal services in San Diego to keep you safe and healthy from black mold.

What To Do When You Have Black Mold

When you are about to get rid of the black molds, ensure to wear protective gear before you start the mold-related service. Goggles, dust filter mask or respirator, gloves, and clothes that protect you as a whole are a must. Prolong mold exposure can lead to respiratory issues like coughing, allergies, and other related symptoms.

Where Black Mold exists

Black mold products mycotoxins can cause several health problems, including but not limited to allergies and respiratory problems. These start to grow as soon as a spore comes in contact with a suitable surface. These usually increase on the body with organic content and a bit of moisture. Specifically, a pipe inside a wall covered in condensation is one of the most suitable environments for black molds to grow and rapidly increase. To be more specific, some other places these black mold establish themselves are:

  • Washed carpets
  • Under or near a leaking pipe inside the wall
  • Behind or under a drying machine that is humid
  • Cool basement during summers because of air condensation
  • Humid attic during any season

Avoid Common Household Mistakes

Homeowners usually end up making some silly mistakes that increase the spread of mold instead of containing it. Sometimes homeowners will come across a small area of mold. They will go ahead and grab a soapy rug and scrap the spot to clean it up. Please note that this does not remove the black molds permanently. The spores now exist on the rag and will be spread to other places of the house. Another thing to note with this method is that only the outer layer gets removed, whereas the inside of the wall remains saturated and intact and will continue to spread to other places of the home. Please do take note of the following most common mistakes:

  • Bleach is not a solution to get rid of black molds. Households usually clean black molds with bleach, this only gets rid of the color, and eventually, the molds will return to their original state.
  • Mold resistant paint traps contain it; this method is not effective as well. That only includes the spread on the outer layer, whereas the inside is still dwelling with it.
  • Black mold spores usually drop from the wall, become airborne, and easily contaminate other parts of the room. That occurs when people walk through the affected areas.

Call San Diego Flood Restoration for Professional Mold Mitigation Services

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